How to Share Pictures Online

People used to print out and send their pictures via snail mail, or collect them in heavy albums. However, thanks to the advent of modern technology, it’s now possible to share pictures with anyone within seconds! The old-school method of sharing pictures involves printing them out and mailing them to friends and family, but transferring them to the Internet is easier and quicker than ever before! You’ll be surprised by how many people share their pictures on social media and email today!

File-sharing sites

Among the file-sharing websites, HighTail (formerly YouSendIt) and Streamfile are both popular methods for sharing large numbers of pictures online. These sites store photos in a zip file that can be downloaded by recipients. Although most file-sharing sites are free, they typically come with limitations on the size of files you can share, time expiration, and weekly limits. For example, Streamfile has a limit of 100 MB and HighTail a 50 MB limit.

Social media

With the rise of social media, the average child already has a digital footprint. Some kids have a digital footprint before they even have a tooth! While many parents want to share this exciting news with their friends, some overshare. But there are risks to oversharing. Here are some things to consider when sharing a baby picture online. Listed below are some tips to help you make the best picture possible. To maximize the number of likes and shares, use the rule of thirds to design your images.


You can use email to share pictures online. First, open your Mail application and select “Email” from the menu. In the To field, type the email address of the recipient. In the Subject line, write your message and select an image size. Once the message is written, click “Send.” The photo will be attached to the email message. Your recipient will see the picture in their inbox. To email pictures, follow the steps below.


Dropbox is not your typical photo library manager. Instead, it’s a quick way to store and share files with others. Dropbox allows you to organise your files into folders and share them with anyone you choose. It’s also available for iOS and Android. To share pictures with others, you can send them a link with varying permissions. Then, they can view and download your files.


If you haven’t heard about Flickr yet, you are missing out on one of the best places to share pictures online. It has been around for nearly 10 years and was once a hub for photography and a way to share and discuss images with other photographers. However, with its recent acquisition by SmugMug, the website has undergone some changes, including subscription fees. The new fees are reasonable and offer more features geared toward power users. The new pro subscription also offers two months of Adobe Creative Cloud free of charge!


If you’re looking for a great way to share your pictures online, you should try 500px. This new photo sharing site has three prominent galleries for your pictures and is easy to use. You can create new galleries, make them private, and even create a slide show mode. Once you have a gallery, you can add tags, and others can view it. In addition to the three pre-set categories, you can create a custom one.


If you’ve been looking for a free place to share pictures online, Imgur might be the right option for you. With free and unlimited uploads, you can upload as many pictures as you’d like. Your pictures will remain online indefinitely unless you choose to delete them manually. Another great feature of Imgur is that you can upload any kind of image, from PNGs to JPGs. The uploading process is fast and easy, and your images will be accessible to millions of users worldwide.