How to Study English Online

There are a number of options for people who want to learn English online. Many free courses are available online, and you can access them at any time. You can also download them to watch them offline if you prefer. YouTube, for example, is a popular video-sharing website, and it contains many different kinds of videos, including tutorials. Several English platforms post video tutorials to YouTube. You can download them and watch them whenever you want.


One of the best online language-learning resources is Coursera. This online learning site offers more than 5,000 courses that lead to professional certificates and degrees from world-class universities. Coursera’s program is designed with the working professional in mind, with emphasis on preparing job-seekers for success. Students can learn about business writing, resumes and cover letters, and job-interviewing. The program also features instructors, downloadable course content, and certificates of completion.

This course is taught by Georgia Tech professors. It teaches grammar elements that can confuse English-speaking learners. It includes graded assignments, peer feedback, and a major project. You’ll receive a certificate upon completion of the program. The program requires three hours a week for five months, and you’ll receive access to all of the course content and tools. However, this course is not free. To get started, you’ll need to pay $49 a month.

Open Learning

If you’re considering studying English online, you’ve probably already found a variety of options. Depending on your goals and learning style, you can take short courses and MOOCs or enroll in a more extensive course. While most MOOCs offer video lectures and interactive exercises, MOOEC offers single lessons and a community where students can interact with other students and teachers. You can take courses in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Since these courses are designed for people who need to speak English fluently for business, you can expect to receive lots of practice and feedback.

Another good option is Edx, which offers university-level courses online. Some courses are free, while others are available at a low cost. While Openlearning’s course selection is smaller than MOOCs, it does have a robust learning community. You can see how many other people are taking the same course as you and get a feel for your classmates’ experience. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can try edx.


If you are an avid learner who loves technology, you’ll enjoy Udacity for studying English online. Many of its programs incorporate practical exercises and access to relevant technology. You can learn English in context with Udacity’s EnglishClass101 program. This course offers video and audio lessons combined with written summaries of each class. You can also use the Udacity mobile app to learn on the go!

The courses offered at Udacity come in Nanodegree and Nonodegree formats. Each Nanodegree program consists of three or four paid courses and ends in a project demonstrating the skills you have learned. A single paid course can be completed within a month or less, depending on your pace, but Nanodegree programs can take much longer. There are over 60 Nanodegree programs and hundreds of courses available on Udacity.

Perfectly Spoken

The Perfectly Spoken team is a highly qualified group of teachers, with more than 15 years’ experience in classroom teaching. Teachers are experts in the IELTS and Cambridge English examinations and will also help you prepare for these exams with their learning materials. This online course is offered for free, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for a great way to improve your English. There are three plans available – the Student, Pro, and Free.

The course includes sixty video lessons that focus on different aspects of everyday life. It’s designed for slightly more advanced learners, and it’s a great way to improve vocabulary, improve word usage, and build fluency. Students will learn about different aspects of their lives, from shopping to relationships. During the course, students will also learn new words and phrases related to holiday, weather, and finances. There are also other ways to improve vocabulary.