How to Study English Online

The BBC has its own online resources for English learners, ranging from detailed courses to specific topics in the language. These lessons contain a combination of text descriptions, audio clips, videos, activities, quizzes, and vocabulary sheets. You can also access grammar reference sheets and vocabulary sheets at any time. You can study English from the comfort of your own home. But if you prefer a more traditional classroom setting, you can also take online classes.

ABA English

There are several benefits of ABA English study online. For starters, it is free of cost. With 144 units and six levels, ABA English will help you become fluent in English. The course contains videos featuring native speakers and video lessons. Videos also include subtitles in your native language. ABA English study online courses are available for both paid and free versions. You will be able to take the test and receive your certificate when you complete the course.


If you are looking for a way to learn English online, you may want to check out FutureLearn. This website offers courses in many different areas, including basic English, university-level writing, and IELTS components. FutureLearn has over a million enrolled students and courses from over 40 countries. However, the company does not have any partnerships in the United States. If you’d prefer a more personal learning experience, you can choose another university.


While it’s tempting to spend hours at a computer working on your accent and perfecting your pronunciation, FluentU is more than a rote memorization game. The website features rich video content and conversational learning to help you master the language. The site provides free lessons in over ten languages. You can also practice your pronunciation with quizzes that assess your progress. FluentU also offers a lifetime membership.

Perfectly Spoken

If you’d like to improve your spoken English, the Perfectly Spoken program is a great option. The program features 60 video lessons, each geared towards improving your word usage, vocabulary, and fluency. It uses examples from the students’ own lives to teach proper verb tenses and other vocabulary, as well as functional expressions. You can also take a free English test to gauge your progress. And, because it’s so flexible, you can learn new words and phrases in areas such as shopping, weather, and holidays.


If you’re considering studying English online, Alison offers many free courses to suit every learning style. Although the courses are free, the website makes its money from ads. If you want to receive a certificate, you can download it from the main dashboard. While the certificates are free, they’re useful in certain situations. This review will discuss a few of the advantages of Alison courses. It is recommended to choose the right one for you based on your personal preferences and level of English proficiency.


If you are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in the field of English, you might consider enrolling in a course at Udacity. This website offers courses in over two hundred languages, including English. You can sign up for a free trial to try out the courses before deciding to enroll. The course material is delivered through videos, quizzes, and progress tests. The course material is highly-produced and engaging, and the instructors are experts in their fields. Courses are free to take, but don’t expect any speaking practice.

SCU College

If you are looking to complete your degree in English and are considering studying online, consider enrolling in SCU’s English courses. You can study English in the comfort of your own home or wherever you have access to the internet. This online college is committed to academic excellence and encourages students to complete original work. To ensure academic integrity, students must always cite sources. If they do not, they may receive an “F” grade. To help you learn more about the importance of citing sources properly, check out English 2A.

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