How to Study English Online

If you’re interested in learning English online, there are a number of options. You can study through a university, take a course through a company, or find an app to teach you. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, you might want to consider a self-directed course. These can be incredibly affordable, and can give you a great opportunity to learn while doing your own thing.

Perfectly Spoken

The Perfect Spoken English Institute is one of the top performing language learning institutes in India. They have a range of language and soft skills programs that help their clients improve their English, and reach new levels of performance. Their online learning platform offers a free English test, as well as a fancy certificate of completion. You can also attend live classes and receive extra learning materials. With the growing number of international business transactions and communication options, it is no wonder that the English language is becoming the go to currency for transacting business.

The Perfect Spoken course is an ideal choice for any professional who wishes to upgrade their communication skills to meet the demands of today’s global marketplace. Whether you’re an office drudge, or a high-flyer on the move, the institute’s expert instructors are on hand to provide you with the requisite linguistic expertise.


Online English courses offer a wide variety of learning resources. These include downloadable PDFs and video lessons taught by experienced instructors. There are also group and live lessons.

One of the most popular online learning platforms is Udemy. They offer over 65,000 online courses. This makes them one of the largest online learning marketplaces in the world. As a result, they are a great place to find the right course to boost your career.

Udemy is a reputable company that allows teaching professionals to share their expertise with others. When a student purchases a course, the instructor earns a fee. For example, a tutor can create a custom learning plan that focuses on a particular subject or skill.


If you are looking for an online English language course to help improve your communication skills, there are several options available. Some are free to audit, while others require a fee to access the content. However, many courses provide excellent resources for learning the language. There are also downloadable apps that offer great practice opportunities.

For example, the Perfectly Spoken program is designed to help students improve their vocabulary and verb tenses. It includes 60 video lessons and is taught by instructors who have worked in the field. These lessons cover new words in areas like shopping, relationships, finances, and holidays.

ABA English

ABA English is a language learning resource that uses innovative technology to deliver a highly effective way to learn the English language. The company has millions of customers in more than 170 countries around the world. Its methodology is based on immersion and emotional practice to accelerate learners’ progress.

ABA English is an online language course with a mobile app. Its 144 short videos and more than 1000 interactive exercises help students improve their English skills. This is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their reading, speaking, writing and listening skills.

ABA English has won two awards at the Reimagine Education Awards. It is one of the best educational apps available on the market.

Oxford Online English

When it comes to online education, there are many courses to choose from. This article focuses on the Oxford Online English, which is free for life. As an added bonus, you can get a free lesson plan.

There are hundreds of e-books available from Oxford University Press. These are for every age group. From the most basic grammar to advanced college level jargon, these are a must-have for anyone who is serious about learning the language. The e-books are compatible with different devices.

The Oxford Online Skills program uses the same technology to deliver premium quality online English lessons. These include the standard textbooks, as well as interactive infographics, audio and video. They are all available on a variety of platforms including Google Hangouts, as well as through private online classes.

USA Learns

If you’re looking for a free online course to help you improve your English skills, look no further than USA Learns. This website offers lessons on reading, writing, and speaking English. It is designed for beginners and intermediate-level learners.

The courses are available in Spanish and English. You can choose the one that fits your needs best. Most courses take between one and 30 hours to complete, depending on your own pace. They are ideal for busy learners.

Each unit is based on a real-life theme. This includes topics like family, money, doctors and medicine, and the workplace. Using these units, you will learn about American life and prepare for your future as a citizen.