Best Netflix Alternatives

If you’re looking for a decent alternative to Netflix, you can try Amazon Prime Video. It’s a decent alternative to Netflix, and you can watch a selection of their original shows. However, the Netflix catalog is constantly changing, and new episodes of popular shows are sometimes found on competing streaming services. Here are the best Netflix alternatives to consider. Let’s get started. Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are both great choices.

Top 50 Netflix shows

The Top50 Netflix shows account for 42 percent of all views on the streaming service. Despite their popularity, however, these shows aren’t guaranteed to remain on the service indefinitely. One example of this is the television show The Office, which has become so popular that fans have threatened to abandon the service en masse if it leaves. That’s not surprising, given that Netflix is an increasingly competitive market. Even though Netflix has invested heavily in its own programming, it’s impossible to predict how long the show will stay on the site.

Amazon Prime Video is a decent alternative to Netflix

In the realm of streaming video services, Amazon Prime Video is a solid alternative to Netflix. For a monthly fee, you can stream thousands of movies and TV shows, including Prime Video Originals. The service has a lot of content to offer, including popular shows like Stranger Things and Orange Is the New Black. But, unlike Netflix, Amazon doesn’t offer two-factor authentication, which is a necessary feature for security. Both services allow users to log out of unauthorized devices remotely.


You can stream Community on Netflix starting on April 1st. The show has already been available on Hulu since 2016. However, Sony Pictures TV made the deal with Netflix non-exclusive, so you can still see Community on Hulu. Streaming Community on Netflix is the perfect way to catch up on the show’s first five seasons. You can watch Community on Netflix from your desktop or mobile device. If you missed the first season, you can catch up on all episodes by logging into your account.

Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender will make its Netflix debut on May 15th! The animated series originally aired on Nickelode from February 2005 to July 2008, but it’s been a fan favorite for decades. The Netflix live-action remake will be based on the same story as the animated version, and will follow Aang as he learns to master the three elemental powers of water, fire, and earth.

The Good Place

The first season of The Good Place on Netflix was a success and has gotten many people talking about it. It featured a unique depiction of Heaven and Hell, with philosophical propositions about the afterlife and redemption. With its success, fans are eager to see if season five will deliver more episodes. What fans aren’t aware of, however, is that Season 5 will be a spin-off of Season 4.