Best Netflix Originals

Looking for the Best Netflix Originals? We’ve rounded up a list of top picks. We’ll discuss traveler, I Think You Should Leave, Sense8, and The Haunting of Hill House. And we’ll give you some tips for watching them as well! So, let’s get started! The list above is by no means complete! Let us know what you think! And we’ll be sure to update it as we discover new programs.

I Think You Should Leave

Netflix has renewed the comedy series “I Think You Should Leave” for a third season, bringing the hilarious and insightful sketch show back for its third season. It was created by Tim Robinson, who starred in most sketches. The show premiered on Netflix on April 23 and has been renewed for a third season in May 2022. In addition to Robinson, the show also featured Sam Richardson, Vanessa Bayer, and Steven Yeun. It was also executive produced by Tim Robinson.

The Internet flooded the web with clips of this hilarious comedy series, so much so that it has become a cultural phenomenon. Many fans have even taken the initiative to copy and share the images of their favorite scenes. With the show’s ridiculous sketches, many viewers have taken the liberty of sharing them. The series has garnered several Emmy nominations and has become ubiquitous online. Although it’s only 15 minutes long, fans have gathered a plethora of images from the show online.


Sense8 is a sci-fi movie that centers on the psychic connection between eight strangers. After Angelica kills herself to avoid being captured by Whispers, the others discover that they are all connected, and form a cluster known as a “sensate.” Sensates have the ability to communicate with one another, and use language and skills to help them solve a problem. Despite their differences, they eventually form a community and must work together to survive.

Sense8 is a highly acclaimed series that is well worth watching, and Netflix has given us its most exciting series to date. The series follows eight people from different parts of the world who are linked psychologically and emotionally. They share knowledge, and must escape the nefarious Whispers, who work for a mysterious organization called the Biological Preservation Organization. Sense8 stars Doona Bae, Tuppence Middleton, Jamie Clayton, and Max Riemelt, as the eight main characters. Brian J. Smith plays one of the Whispers, and Tuppence Middleton plays the other two leads.


In the sci-fi drama Travelers on Netflix, the last surviving humans discover a way to send their consciousness back through time and into people living in the 21st century. These travelers secretly work together to save humanity, but soon find their 21st-century relationships quite challenging. They must secretly work together in teams to survive. It sounds like a fascinating premise, but it’s actually pretty interesting. If you’re curious about what makes the show so compelling, continue reading.

This sci-fi series is the perfect blend of action and adventure. The cast is all excellent. The sci-fi elements of Travelers are fascinating, and the characters are extremely likeable. The third season is sure to be emotionally difficult for viewers. It also explores the science-fiction roots of time travel. As the story progresses, the characters will regularly battle the latest threat to humanity. Travelers on Netflix will leave you begging for more.

The Haunting of Hill House

If you’re looking for a good supernatural horror show, you’ve come to the right place. The Haunting of Hill House is a Netflix original series that will creep you out with its unsettling supernatural horror storylines. If you’ve ever watched a movie that made you jump out of your skin, you’ll love this one, too. Here are the 5 reasons why you should watch The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix:

The first season of The Haunting of Hill House was released in October 2018, and it’s been acclaimed since then. The film received critical acclaim and praise for its excellent production values, and many horoscopes have predicted a strong second season. The show is based on the novella “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James, and its characters are haunted by a supernatural force.

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines

Young Katie Mitchell and her family are on a road trip to film school when their plans are disrupted by the world’s electronic devices. Luckily, they are joined by friendly robots who help them save the Mitchell family and the planet from a new technological revolution. What’s even better is that it’s free! Watch the trailer below! It looks like it’s one of the best Netflix originals this year!

The animated family comedy “The Mitchells vs. The Machines” debuted on Netflix on April 30th. The film was originally intended for a theatrical release, but the coronavirus pandemic pushed back the release date. The film is now available to watch on the streaming service for free, and it’s already proving popular with audiences! The movie has surpassed its initial release date, with 53 million member households watching it in its first 28 days!


If you’ve never watched Arsène Lupin on television before, it’s time to do so. Arsène Lupin is a world-renowned gentleman thief and master of disguise. His story is based on the life of a legendary thief. But can you find Arsène Lupin on Netflix? Here are a few tips. And don’t worry, no spoilers. The Netflix version of Lupin will be rated PG.

The first season of Lupin was a huge hit on Netflix, breaking all previous viewing records for Netflix’s entire library. In just one month, the series reached over 70 million streams, breaking records that had only been achieved by the acclaimed films The Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton. The second season of the series is just around the corner, so don’t delay! There are only a few more weeks left to catch up!