How to Get a Free Online Account

There are several options for a free online account. Depending on your needs, some of them will give you unlimited use of an ATM. If so, you should avoid paying maintenance fees. The money saved can go toward bills or emergency savings. You can also find free checking accounts with high APYs and other perks, like free checks. But if you regularly make certain types of purchases, it may be better for you to have a rewards credit card instead.

Discover Bank’s FNBO Direct Online Checking Account

The FNBO Direct Online Checking Account is an excellent option for those who prefer not to use a checkbook. It offers a competitive 0.15% annual percentage yield and no monthly service charge. Customers also enjoy free bill pay and Popmoney transfers. The minimum initial deposit is only $1 and customers can access their accounts through mobile apps. The only drawback to this account is the overdraft protection fee of $33 per overdraft. However, this fee is waived if you sign up for this service.

FNBO Direct offers a free Visa debit card. The account also offers free bill payments, unlimited free ATM withdrawals, Popmoney transfers, and wire transfers, and there is no monthly maintenance fee. The account comes with a mobile app with a 3.3-star rating in the Google Play Store and 2.4-stars in the Apple Store.

NBKC’s Everything Account

NBKC offers free online and mobile banking services. Its Everything Account is a free checking account available to consumers nationwide. The account offers convenient features like the ability to make deposits and withdrawals at more than 37,000 ATMs. It also offers competitive rates for deposit accounts. Customers can apply for an account online or visit a branch.

To open an account with NBKC, you must be 18 years old and a U.S. citizen. In addition, you must have a social security number and a government-issued identification card. Once you’re approved, you’ll be provided with online banking information and a Debit MasterCard. You can also receive paper checks, if you prefer.

Ally’s 360 Performance Savings Account

Whether you’re looking for an online savings account or need to maintain a balance, the 360 Performance Savings Account by Ally can help you achieve your goals. Its mobile app allows you to connect with other accounts, track savings goals, and make payments online, and it even lets you use Zelle to make peer-to-peer transfers. Its three percent annual percentage yield (APY) is competitive with most other savings accounts.

If you’re looking for a higher APY, then you should consider Ally Bank’s money market account, which pays 1.25% APY on balances of up to $10,000. It also has no minimum deposit requirement. Money market accounts are similar to CDs, which are popular among those looking to park idle cash or emergency funds. CDs are fixed-income investments and often offer higher rates than savings accounts.

Capital One’s 360 Checking Account

Capital One’s 360 Checking Account is a no-fee checking account with flexible overdraft options and no minimum balance requirements. It earns a 0.10% annual percentage yield and lets you receive paychecks up to two days early. You can also open a 360 Performance Savings account for free.

The 360 Checking Account is a convenient option for many people. There are no monthly service fees, no minimum balance requirements, and no monthly maintenance fee. You can transfer money between accounts and pay bills online. It also offers free credit score reports, tips for improving credit scores, and alerts when your score varies.

The 360 Checking Account comes with minimal fees and is perfect for those who don’t live near a bank branch. You can also use your account to receive a paycheck, pay bills, and get cash without ever having to leave your house. You can also deposit checks and receive direct deposits.