How to Send Group Messages

If you need to send important work-related information to a large number of people, you might want to send group messages. Group messages are encrypted, so they are more secure than individual messages. They can also be enhanced with effects and animations. You can also use them to transfer standard image data, and you can even add a location to the message. When sending text, a blue bubble will appear on your screen to let others know where you are.


TextFree group messaging lets you send a message to a group of people at once. It works with a data connection, and you can send any message to any recipient. You can also attach pictures, videos, audio files, and coupons. You can also send a URL using a TinyURL.

TextFree group messaging is free, and works on any device, not just smartphones. It supports multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese (Hong Kong), Danish, and Spanish. It is also ad-free, so your messages will not be cluttered with pop-up ads and other distractions.

Chalkboard is a good choice if you need to send free messages to friends and family. Its group messaging feature lets you share photos, videos, and emojis with your contacts. Moreover, it also offers free calls to any phone number. Both Chalkboard and TextFree have similar features, although Chalkboard is geared more towards businesses.


MessageDesk is a free messaging service that allows you to send messages to multiple people at one time. Its feature set includes sending emoji and photos, scheduling text messages, and setting up group chats. However, it does have some limitations. The app does not allow you to send videos and photos. MessageDesk is ideal for businesses that need to communicate with a large group of people.

MessageDesk works with your email account to make it easy to send group texts. It also has a shared inbox for your team. You can send group messages to a group of people or to a specific contact list. Once you’ve added your contacts, you can create a message thread for each individual. The messages are private and will not be sent as spam or to your inbox.


The Nimble group message feature is a fantastic way to send targeted emails to your customers and prospects. You can send up to 300 messages a day to any group you choose. Group messages can be sent with merge tags and CC or BCC recipients, and you can add images or hyperlinks.

Nimble is a good option for companies that send a lot of emails. Its interface makes it easy to send and receive emails. However, there are some limitations. For example, the Nimble email interface does not allow you to access folders or delete duplicate entries. Also, the Nimble group message interface is not as intuitive as those available with other email software.

Nimble is a relationship management tool that unites calendars, contacts, communications, and collaborations. Collaboration is an important part of work, and Nimble can help you make it easier to stay in touch with your clients and employees. In addition to its group messaging feature, Nimble lets you send up to 100 emails a day per user. Nimble also allows you to create custom email templates and merge contacts with different social networks. You can add recipients with the search function or save an existing group message template to your account.


OpenPhone is a group messaging app that allows teams to send and receive messages between each other. You can set up the app as a shared inbox or use it to send direct messages to your team members. It even offers presence and status features for team members and supports round robin routing. OpenPhone also integrates with popular CRMs and data sources.

OpenPhone is a subscription-based service that costs $10 a month per user. You can choose a higher-priced plan if you need more features. The startup is owned and operated by a group of 11 people, with about a quarter of them women. The company is also largely diverse, with four employees being first-generation immigrants. To date, the company has powered 17.3 million group messages and 7.5 million calls.


You can use iMessage for group messages to communicate with other people. You can select a group and type in the names of the people you wish to communicate with. The maximum number of members is set by your cell carrier. You can also select your group’s name by tapping the ‘i’ icon.

Groups can be made on any iPhone. The process is slightly different than sending individual messages. First, you must add the contacts you wish to send group texts to. Once you’ve added people to the group, type the first message. You can continue typing the messages in the group or compose a new one.

If you’re part of a large group, you may want to turn off notifications. Too many message alerts can be confusing for group members.