How to Send Group Messages

There are several methods to send group messages. You can use a mobile application like SimpleTexting, OpenPhone, Textedly, or Nimble. Below, we’ll look at some of the more popular methods. To send a group message, you simply enter the names of your group members and hit the Compose button at the bottom right of your screen. You can then choose the recipients of your group message.

SimpleTexting mobile app

If you’d like to send a mass text message to your subscribers, SimpleTexting’s mobile app makes the process easy. Just drag and drop a list of recipients to create your first campaign. You can import contacts from your phone or from a cloud-based contact list, or manually type in the recipient’s name. Once the recipients are selected, you can personalize each message by adding their names and cities.

The service offers detailed analytics about how many people have subscribed, how many messages they’ve sent and received, as well as how many have unsubscribed. Users can also set keywords to send to target prospects and can create group messages based on those keywords. Users can also automate their marketing efforts using the built-in apps. For example, if they have a hot dog restaurant, they can text ‘Sausage’ to 555888 to receive a discount code.


OpenPhone is a new unified communications solution that supports groups of up to five users. Its pricing starts at $10 per user and offers more expensive plans if you’d like to add more features. The service is similar to Google Voice but doesn’t have many of the features that Google users enjoy, such as keyword autoresponders. Unlike Google Voice, OpenPhone allows you to port your existing phone number to it, so you can keep the same number of users but add more.

While most business phone systems support group messaging, the features are limited. OpenPhone is designed for modern teams and provides group messaging support for videos, files, and GIFs. It can be used to keep in touch with colleagues across the globe. OpenPhone also supports the latest versions of Apple’s iOS and Android apps. Unlike legacy solutions, it is also compatible with a variety of messaging apps, including Gmail and Slack.


You can send group messages to your contacts through Nimble. You can send these messages to a segmented list, provided that the segment contains valid email addresses and no unsubscribes. You can track how many people have opened your message, and even add recipients to the list with a keyword or related name. After you’ve sent your messages, you can save them as templates or send them directly to yourself.

Nimble also offers a unique browser add-in that lets you view all of your contacts in a single place. When you highlight a contact, the app creates a smart profile for that contact. This digital dossier is useful for tracking your deal activity. You can also generate simple reports of your team’s performance. This way, you’ll know how well they’re doing on a particular deal.


Textedly sends group SMS messages via an app that allows you to import your list of contacts. This app can also create templates for common messages. You can also segment your group of recipients, and you won’t have to pay extra for the feature. With Textedly, you can create a recurring campaign to send out group SMS messages to specific groups of people. This feature is particularly useful if you send group messages to a lot of people.

While Textedly’s platform is relatively intuitive, it still lacks many features that its competitors offer. Though it has a decent learning library, non-technical clients will have to rely on customer support to find answers to their questions. Although the company has an “Advice and Answers” section that contains 32 articles, the company’s “Best Practices” blog post isn’t very useful. While it does have a YouTube channel that contains ten useful videos, these videos don’t contain any links to the control panel.